Welcome to LFF Enhancement Fund

LFF Enhancement Fund (Lifestyle Enhancement) is charitable, not-for-profit 501(C) 3 community organization, which offers the largest and most comprehensive integrative medicine services. wholesale and Retail-Gluten-free products, Alkaline Diets, Organic and Natural Products.

We are the only national integrative center that exclusively focus on Public Health, Prevention & the Control of Chronic diseases. Our focus is completely placed on Education and Direct Support for individuals living with chronic disease & their significant others.

We encourage interested professionals and others concerned Public health awareness, Prevention and Control of Chronic diseases, Obesity and   Brain problems to integrate Holistic, Immunology, Lymphatic drainage, Mental health, with their diagnostic process. If you are interested in integrative medicine, prevention and control of chronic diseases –join in our efforts. We focus our attention on the needs of the under -served in our community. We also provide effective humanitarian services when needed. Our purpose is to make a measurable impact in the lives of the individuals living with chronic diseases.

We realized that internal and external conflict can be a major cause of stress.  Stressors can  negatively impact anyone’s ability to manage and control diseases. We work to educate individuals and their families on effective stress-reducing habits and to enhance their quality of life. We conduct:

  • Conflict- analysis and Management (check class schedules or request one)
  • Healthy Eating Habits ( check class schedules or request one)
  • Strongly encourage partnership with your primary doctor, Health Care Providers and Caregivers
  • Strongly encourage Restful Sleeping Patterns  ( check class schedules or request one)
  • Strongly encourage Flexibility, Strength building,  Endurance Exercises (check class schedules or request one)

It is important you shop with us since you can trust our products. plus get needed support and more.